ANEX hot plate twin Stove 2 years warranty




    • Product details of Jumping ropes for exercise or playing best quality

      • Made with silicon and plastic
      • 7 feet long
      • 210 cm in length
      • For Kids and adults

        Product details of ANEX hot plate twin Stove 2 years warranty

        • No tension of gass load shedding now get a hot plate for cooking any time!
        Metal with black color painting housing, high quality cast iron plate dia 155mm+188mm.
        Thermostat and on/off double controller, power on light.
        Thermo fuse for safety use.
        Proof rubber feet.

        Specifications of ANEX hot plate twin Stove 2 years warranty

        • Brand
          No Brand
        • SKU
        • Capacity (Litres)
        • Wattage
        • Operating Mode
        • Input voltage
          Not Specified
        • Pot Material
      • High Quality
      • Great Workout
      • Best exercise
      • Adjust the rope easily
      • Easy to hold
      • This high quality jumping rope is made with silicon.
      • It is7 f eet  in length.
      • The great exercis e for all ages especially for young ones.
      • It is considered one o fth e main exercises for making stamina.
      • It is very comfortable and  eas y to use.
      • You can use it anywhere and any tim e as you want.


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