Twister board

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    • Product details of Twister board

      • Best exercise tool to reduce belly and legs fat!

      The balance rotating disc is made of ABS pressure-resistant plastic, steel ball, and magnet. The Diameter: 27cm, thickness: 4.5cm. It can bear a weight of 120KG.

      The elastic rope can pull your arm for strength and stretching exercise when you twist your waist. It can help your body balance and promote body stretching during yoga exercises.

      You can achieve follow effects by persistent use: Shaping your waist and abdomen, upping your hips, and shaping your perfect leg curve. At the same time, the viscera are massaged, which can promote digestion, enhance metabolism, reduce weight, and improve body immunity.

      Those who have the following problems can use it: middle-aged blessing, postpartum obesity, obesity caused by food can not be rejected, people with a beer belly, people with uneasy digestion and fitness enthusiast.


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